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Find your Korner

Find your Korner

Are you looking for a hotel close to Gare Montparnasse to make sure you don't miss your train? Or a hotel just a stone's throw from the Sacré Coeur for a breathtaking view of the capital? Or a stay in the heart of the Latin Quarter for the Emily in Paris experience? Korner invites you to discover its finest addresses, so you can feel right at home... Anywhere in Paris!

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Korner Hotels Unique concept and personalized services

The korner concept
What can we do for you? 

Open the door and discover a concept that combines comfort, simplicity and freedom right in the heart of Paris... By choosing one of our 3-star establishments, you'll enjoy the autonomy of an apartment, without missing out on the conviviality of an independent hotel!

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Come in, it's open!
At Korner, no fuss!

At Korner, we've got everything you need, minus the extras! Need Wi-Fi? Connect at the speed of light! Fancy a gourmet breakfast? Start the day with crisp, golden pastries. 24 hours a day, our hosts welcome you with a smile from evening to morning.

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